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Factors to consider before investing in Pakistan’s Mega Housing Projects

Real Estate is considered to be the most beneficial and safest investment but People get confused regarding which housing projects they should invest in and where should they buy property for residential purposes.

There are simple factors one should consider while buying a property for residential or investment purposes in Pakistan.

Project Developer’s Credibility

This factor matters the most as if the Real estate Project Developer’s Name is already prominent in the Market and he already has delivered other Housing projects then there is nothing to worry about. They have delivered earlier and they will deliver again because if they won’t it will eventually affect their credibility. Credulity is the most important thing to stay in a Business Market, Right?

How do Housing Projects Get LDA approved exactly?

The Real Estate sector in Pakistan is a bit different than the rest, it has its own pros and cons. First You have to trust the Project Developer if he had delivered before then he will deliver again, you just have to be patient even if things seem wrong. Sometimes LDA approval takes time and some things get stuck. Even The most prominent housing projects were flagged by Development Authorities (LDA/CDA) in the past. But things got cleared as the Developers had to keep their names alive in the market.

We are Naming some of the best Housing Projects for you to consider.


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